October 28th, 2023

8:30 am - 5:00 pm

The Lantern




mind. body. spirit

'Nourish A Day of Wellness' is your unique ticket to a world of rejuvenation and inspiration, armed with a toolkit of practical strategies to sustain your wellness journey. This is your moment to step away from the whirlwind of life, refuel, and rediscover balance.

Join us for a day filled with yoga practices, meditation sessions, and inspiring wellness sessions led by experts from the wellness community. Learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life, discover stress management techniques, explore the power of breathwork and dance for joy!

This day intends to be a transformative experience that helps participants cultivate inner resources to help them navigate this chaotic world with a little more ease and self-compassion. They will leave feeling inspired and nourished in body, mind, and spirit.

This is your opportunity to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, replenish your energy and regain balance.

Join us at 'Nourish: A Day of Wellness' to renew your spirit, revitalize your body, and reignite your commitment to your well-being. A day for you, dedicated to nourishing your whole self. Reserve your spot today and embark on this transformative experience."

Ten percent of proceeds will go into a fund for marginalized people

to attend Yoga or Meditation classes.

Fresh Lemons and Oranges

Jody Williams

Ocean Yoga & Mindfulness

Jody, the founder of Ocean Yoga and Mindfulness, is a certified Yoga Teacher and Meditation Instructor with training in various specialized fields, including Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness and Positive Neuroplasticity. With 25 years of meditation experience and training under Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, he integrates insights from Buddhism and neuroscience into his classes, emphasizing mindfulness and self-compassion.

His spiritual journey began as a quest for relief from depression and anxiety. This journey led him to extensive meditation retreats and over 6000 hours of meditation. He has developed an appreciation for the human experience, even in its unpredictability.

Jody is passionate about sharing his knowledge and humour to alleviate others' suffering and increase their happiness. He champions inclusivity and accessibility, teaching mindfulness to diverse populations. His experiences have honed his ability to teach trauma-sensitive classes, whether guiding a retreat or a corporate meditation.

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EMPOWER: Jody will start the day by sharing how he cultivated inner resources to manage his mental health and addiction issues while empowering others to develop self-acceptance and live a fulfilling life.

CALM: Jody will crystallize 25 years of meditation experience into teaching you how to bring more ease and joy into your practice. We will then do a guided meditation practice to embody these qualities.

HEAL: Jody will teach how to use the mind to cultivate inner resources, using mindfulness and positive neuroplasticity. We will practice creating an ‘inner sanctuary’ of safety and develop an internal resource as needed: patience, self-compassion, confidence, etc.

NOURISH: End your day with an extended lying-down meditation that incorporates self-compassion and positive neuroplasticity to leave you feeling thoroughly nourished and flourishing.

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Tina Pomroy

Going OM

Tina, an avid yoga practitioner and student of life, is certified in Hatha Yoga and nearing completion of a 60-hour Meditation Instructor program. She's practiced yoga and meditation for over 25 years. Tina uses her understanding of trauma to inform her teachings.

She also trained as a Certified Mastermind Executive Coach in 2012, drawing from her 20+ years of HR, leadership, and well-being experience. Tina offers coaching to mid-life women, using a client-centered and solution-focused approach.

Tina is close to earning her Master of Education in Counselling Psychology and a Canadian Certified Counsellor designation. Her education also includes a Bachelor of Commerce, some biochemistry study, and an MBA. She's trained in trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, and diversity, equity, & inclusion.

In her free time, Tina enjoys yoga, hiking, theater, travel, and dancing. She cherishes spending time with her two grandchildren, daughters, and husband.

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RELEASE: navigating stress and anxiety.

Hear Tina’s story about how anxiety and depression impacted her life. She went from being an active mom and having a successful careerwoman to being completely immobilized mentally and physically to finding equanimity and balance… and continuing to learn and ride the wave of life.

This session will include:

Tina’s personal story – 10 minutes

Brief overview – 10 minutes

Stress, anxiety, and the stress response system

Techniques for regulating the stressed or anxious brain

Experiential practice to navigate stress and anxiety – 30-35 minutes

Takeaways & offers for session participants

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Elaine Marie Dunphy

Nia on the Rock

Elaine is a certified Nia instructor with her White Belt, her Blue Belt, and her Nia Moving to Heal certification and has been offering Nia locally since 2017.

Elaine’s personal mantra is JOY – finding it in her life and sharing it with others and creating joy through movement by sharing the Nia Philosophy with her students.

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Session -

JOY - through movement

As adults, we rarely leave time for bringing out our inner child to play - Nia is an outlet to let that happen.

Nia invites you to step away from your everyday schedule and take one hour just for you to dance and move your body.

The neat part is that if you have two left feet, Nia is a perfect class for you - this is about moving your body YOUR way.

The result is an hour of stress-free movement of the body done to uplifting music that leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Incorporating 52 movements of The Nia Technique that are gentle on the body, combining Dance Arts, Healing Arts and Martial Arts.

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Pamela Martin McDonald

Meet Pam, the hybrid health coach and Holistic Health Practitioner with the ANN. She's the founder of Meridian Health and Wellness in St. John’s. A strong mental health advocate and homepreneur, Pam champions holistic health. Motherhood ignited her drive for a healthier life, making her recognize the interplay between mental, physical, and emotional health. Through her journey, from tackling her own mental health challenges to achieving bodybuilding accolades and founding a health clinic, Pam's story resonates with many. She's dedicated to helping others break free from doubt and ignite empowerment within. Beyond her professional life, she enjoys volunteering, fitness activities, exploring her roots, and currently, building a lakeside family cottage.


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Session -

RECALIBRATE - breathwork & yin yoga

.Join Pam as she guides you to slow the pace, catch your breath and recalibrate the mind, body and soul with Yin Yoga.

Yin yoga is the opposite of a fast-paced yoga flow and is comprised of 90% floor-based stretches using supports for the body. Based on principles of traditional Chinese medicine, and a focus on the nervous system, Yin provides a counter to our often Yang lifestyles. Pam will lead you to mindfully go below the surface, gently releasing muscles to reach the deep connective tissues, ligaments, and joints which will also release pent-up physical, mental and emotional tension and stress.

This session will ease you to connect to your true self, working with the fluctuations of your mind using breathwork and more. Enjoy the elements of the yin side, a rich meditative experience for total wellness all in one unified experience.

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Teresa Butler

Teresa wears many wellness hats but has only one mission:

To help you live a happy, healthy, whole life that is authentic to you and your goals.

She is a:

-certified holistic nutritionist

-certified yoga teacher specializing in kundalini & prenatal yoga

-certified meditation teacher specializing in energy alignment, fear releasing, empowerment & mind clearing

-certified Master Reiki practitioner in energy & body healing & aligning

-certified Ayurvedic & Indian Head Masseuse

-certified birth & death doula

-ceremonial facilitator of sacred circles, Moon ceremonies, and Baby Naming Ceremonies

-transformation & mindset mentor

-Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from MUN.

She is expanding her coaching and education credentials by studying to become a professional Mental Health Coach, certified Life Coach and Neural Linguistic Programming Practitioner. Her motto is Your Health is Your Wealth, and she wants to educate, inspire and lead others to prioritize their mental, emotional, physical & spiritual health!


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Session -


Teresa will share some of her story and how she navigated from a mental health crisis to equanimity using these tools.

Using the ancient powerful techniques of Kundalini Yoga, we will work to balance & align our 7 major energy centres in our body by opening up our hearts to connect with our authentic inner truth & potential.


8:00 am - 8:45 m


9:00 - 9:30 am

jody; empower

9:30 - 10:30

teresa: align

10:30- 10:50

nourishment break

10:50- 11:15


12:15 - 1:30


1:30- 2:00

jody: heal

2:00 - 3:00

pamela; recalibrate

3:00 - 3:20


3:20 - 4:15

Elaine; Joy

11:15 - 12:15

Tina; release

4:15 - 5:00

jody; nourish

For more information, email Jody at jodyawilliams@hotmail.com

SCHOLARSHIPS: I am giving away two tickets.

Please email me if you or someone you know would like to enjoy this opportunity but aren't currently in a financial position.

One nutrition break will be included: Coffee/Tea, Granola Bars and Fresh Fruit.

You will receive an email the week of the event with details on what to bring, etc.