• $12.00 for newcomers!

  • Yoga for Men

    75 minutes. All levels.

    Men: if you want to increase strength, stamina and confidence and also reduce stress, yoga may be right for you.

    This series of classes offers the opportunity for men to explore and experience the vast benefits of yoga in a non-competitive, non-judgmental space, taught by a male teacher. Strengthening the entire body while increasing flexibility and balance, we will focus on key yoga postures and mobility exercises. We will also learn breathing techniques and mindfulness to help stabilize our thoughts and emotions, helping to bring a sense of overall well-being into our lives.

  • Nourish

    75 minutes. All levels.

    Bring a calm, centered, nourished feeling into a new week with this 75 minute evening of relaxation. Students are treated to a gentle slow flow in the beginning of class, connecting breath with movement, followed with some restorative postures to encourage the dissolution of deeply held stress and tension. Classes conclude in silence, and students have the option to remain for an extended savasana or sitting meditation.

  • Yoga 101

    75 minutes. All levels.

    This class is great for those new to yoga, or those looking to expand their awareness.

    Postures (asana), breathing (pranayama), mindfulness and relaxation techniques are used to balance the nervous system, leaving you feeling calm, balanced and inspired. Both static postures and dynamic movement are practiced to ensure a balance of strength and flexibility, developing determination and acceptance. Cues are kept to a minimum, enough to keep you safe, so that you are available to feel your experience, as your body, breath and mind synchronize in the present moment. 

  • Slow Flow

    60 minutes. All levels.

    Come and enjoy the sweet synthesis of movement, breath, and energy that is the experience of Ocean Yoga’s Slow Flow class.

    When we take our time, our nervous system relaxes, our mind slows down, our muscles become supple, and our breath deepens: we can experience stillness, relaxation, and contentment. The deep wisdom of true yoga lies in the understanding that each one of us is different. In Ocean Yoga’s Slow Flow class, you will learn to honor and work with your individuality, experiencing for yourself the joy of breathing, moving and being human. Beginners welcome!

  • Mindful Yoga

    This class, taught by Jody Williams, who has been practicing mindfulness meditation for 20 years, merges the benefits of both mindfulness and Yoga. Combining these tools is a way to bolster your presence and awareness, not only on the mat, but into your life. We practice bringing awareness to our body, feelings and thoughts. Done with a non judgmental and curious approach, we learn to make friends with ourselves, instead of having the constant need to change or manipulate our present moment experience. This class is suitable for everyone.