• Mindfulness Yoga: Taming the Mind

     Join Jody Williams, a 20 year mindfulness practitioner, Yoga teacher, a Buddhist Meditation Guide for this in depth workshop. We will explore ancient Yoga and Buddhist wisdom and mind training techniques to tame the mind.

    What will I learn?

    "What is meditation and why bother"

    You will practice a Yoga sequence to prepare the mind, body to meditate with more ease and to stabilize the breath.

    You will learn and practice the art of mindfulness through Yoga, meditation, walking and lying down.

    You will learn how to deal with obstacles and emotions that come up during our practice.

    "Mindfulness practice provides us with a tool to cultivate insight into our human experience, develop self acceptance, and move forward with gentleness and compassion one moment at a time" ~ Jody

    What are the benefits ?

    • Reduced pyschological symptoms(depression and anxiety)
    • Reduced emotional reactivity?/enhanced behavioral regulation
    • Enhanced attention skills and energy
    • Increased in compassion towards oneself and others
    • Increase in coping skills to deal with stress
    • Increase in resiliency
    • Meditate with more ease


    Where: 120 LeMarchant Road

    When: February 23rd, 9:00 am  - 12:00 pm

    What to bring? Water bottle.

    Investment: $25.00 

    Call for more information: 7093309642

    Limited spaces available. Email Jody now to register: jodyawilliams@hotmail.com